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4EverGreen HEALTH REBOOT 3-Step Solution and give your health a kick in the gut!... Release your cannabinoids!!!

A solid mental and overall general health foundation starts with a clean gut!... Also known as the second brain of the body, its wellbeing is of utmost importance and will ensure solid first-brain health also.
Its an unfortunate fact that our lifestyles and unenviable "lockdown-lives" has elevated many ailments and conditions including: anxiety, depression, insomnia, stress, cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure.
These issues can be greatly reduced or avoided with a clean and healthy gut.
Reboot, sustain and maintain your overall health and wellbeing with the 4EverGreen HEALTH REBOOT 3-Step Solution!
4EverGreens HEALTH REBOOT is a simple 3-step program.
STEP 1: Kick-start your HEALTH REBOOT with Green Cats Organic Health CBD Healing Gut, Parasite & Colon Cleanse Capsules. A clean gut will ensure optimal absorption and health benefits from the Premium Full-Spectrum (Full-Extract) CBD Oil (STEP 2). STEP 1 is for one month and once off.
STEP 2: After day 14 introduce Green Cat Organic Health Premium Full-Spectrum (Full-Extract) CBD Oil. A daily dosage of 1 - 3ml under the tongue is recommended or as required.
4EverSTEP 3: Your HEALTH REBOOT is now complete. Your continued overall mental and general health success is now in your hands and can be maintained and sustained through a healthy diet.
STEP 1 of 3 (Proper gut and colon cleanse!)
Give your overall health and wellbeing a kick in the gut!... Start your 4EverGreen journey with Green Cat Organic Health CBD Healing Gut, Parasite & Colon Cleanse capsules.
WEEK 1 & 2:
Take 4 capsules every Monday, Wednesday and Friday before bedtime. Ensure proper hydration.
Here you can start your CBD Oil Treatment.
(1 - 3ml daily or as required)
Take 4 capsules on Monday and Friday before bedtime. Again, ensure proper hydration.
Take 4 capsules on Wednesday before bedtime. Hydrate!... And continue your CBD Oil treatment.
/4EverGreen_TummyLove.jpgCongratulations!... Your gut and colon cleanse treatment is now complete. Now, eat healthy and take 4 capsules monthly to maintain and sustain.
Introduce Green Cats Full-Spectrum (Full-Extract) CBD Oil at the start of Week 3 in Step 1. By then, your gut would have had a good cleanse and maximum benefit from the CBD Oil ensured.
Take 4 Green Cat Organic Health CBD Healing Gut, Parasite & Colon Cleanse Capsules once a month to maintain and sustain your REBOOTED HEALTH... Try eat as many colors as you can.
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